Jul 10 2008

APEX 2.0 Released

A number of key features were introduced in the new version aimed at not only enhancing the use experience but also provide methods to share more information in a smaller display footprint.

Some of the new features include:

  • New look and feel for the "Info Center" web portal and dashboard

  • Super Channels

  • Alarm Notifications

  • Web Content Streaming

These new features will further increase the ability for APEX to provide "Total Information Visibility and Awareness"

The SuperChannels add a whole new dimension to the APEX Live Channels by providing flexible and dynamic presentation of live information.

The ability to combine web contents in the reports allow for the Live Channels to be more interesting and appealing especially for use in places such as the cafeterias or break rooms. Now, one can read the latest news and KPIs side by side on the same screen.

The new version also brings a number of major process and architectural enhancements especially in the APEX Administrative and Designer application. The new enhancements have improved the design and management of the reports as well as providing more options and tools to further enhance the rich graphical experience.